5 Wedding Photography Styles to Know in 2023

wedding photography styles

Mariah Treiber

October 21, 2022

You spend months (maybe years!) meticulously planning the details of your wedding to match your personal style. So, when it comes to choosing a photographer, it’s important to invest in an experienced wedding photographer who can flawlessly capture those intentional details and priceless moments for you! Albeit important, it isn’t just about finding someone who takes beautiful pictures; you need a skilled photographer whose aesthetic complements your own. There are many talented photographers, but for your special day, you want to hire the one best for your personality, style, and needs so you have no regrets down the road (or on your wedding day)! A well-synced, nuanced vision is pure magic, and you’ll treasure those portraits for years to come! Discover which wedding photography styles are best for your big day.

Lindsay and Christopher celebrated their long-awaited wedding day in July of 2022. After postponing a few years due to COVID, they had their dream wedding in the city of Pittsburgh. When it came to choosing a photographer, Lindsay prioritized finding someone who embodied the vision she had for her photos. She was looking for someone to capture the emotions of the days with a few editorial portraits mixed in. Because of our shared aesthetic, their photos show just that! You can easily see their personalities and the love they share for one another. 

A Note from the Bride

“Honestly, my vision is exactly what your work portrays! I love the natural in-the-moment shots. I want our pictures to show the love and happiness we have for each other and our friends and family. It truly is a big party to celebrate this love! I have no doubt you’ll be able to portray that! I love your edits. They are truly beautiful. You have the ability to capture the love that is in the room, and that is precisely what I want! I want the pictures of us to show the love we have for each other. […] From kissing to taking shots together and having fun, I want the pictures to show our true colors and our happiness.”


The Feeling is Mutual!

I had a blast photographing this lively crew. Even as people passed by during wedding party portraits on the Hot Metal Bridge, they all had a fun-loving attitude. They spontaneously made a tunnel for a group of cyclists to pass through, which made for some hilarious photos. That said, my best advice to every couple, no matter your style, is to fully embrace your day and not stress the small things. Be in the moment and have a good time! Cheers!

5 Trending Wedding Photography Styles to Know in 2023

To help make sure you choose the right photographer for you, here are five wedding photography styles you should know:

Traditional Wedding Photography

When you think of classic wedding photography, formal poses may come to mind. Most photos will be styled and arranged by the photographer in traditional poses. Some photographers may utilize off-camera lighting set-ups to accomplish the shots. 

Think formal couple’s portraits, family portraits, big moment shots, and the like. Most photographers now blend some traditional with editorial or candid styles, but you can check the photographer’s portfolio to see how they balance their style. (The lack of a blog, portfolio, or examples could be a red flag!)

Editorial Photography

Interchangeable with “Fine Art,” a purely editorial photographer aims to style and design art pieces with less emphasis on candid moments. For this aesthetic, envision what you see as you look through wedding magazines such as Harper’s BazaarBRIDES, or Vogue Weddings. Wedding photos are a curated collection of artistic images, often featuring high-fashion attire. 

(While my photography style tends to be a bit more photojournalistic, I do love incorporating a few editorial images into your day to provide you with captivating wall-worthy portraits. You can find examples of my editorial style on Instagram.)


This style is as authentic as it gets. Photographers with a photojournalistic style will capture the day as it naturally happens, especially the candid, quirky, and emotive moments along the way. When you see these, you’ll laugh, cry, and reminisce all over again. These photographers specialize in artistic angles to tell the story of your special day as it unfolds.

Warm vs. Light & Airy Editing Styles

The styles mentioned describe how your photographer will capture the images on your day. (Note: even photographers specializing in one or the other will still have a signature style.) When it comes to editing the photos, photos will fall somewhere on the scale between warm and cool or light and airy. The difference lies in the colors and tones that come through in the images. Warm edits will bring out the oranges and yellows. A light and airy editing style features a soft yet crisp color palette that often remains true to life. 

Your photos are the most vivid way to relive your dream wedding for years to come, so it’s essential to capture it in a style that is true to you. 

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