Italian Destination Wedding | Reasons to Hire a Traveling Photographer

Mariah Treiber

November 29, 2022

I am a true romantic at heart. When I say I love all things wedding, I mean it. This dreamy Italian destination wedding was special to me also because the couple reached out just a few months prior to their wedding date. They knew what they wanted but didn’t know where to start—so I jumped at the chance to plan the full experience for them. After nailing down their vision, I got to work fine tuning the details. Working around the 6-hour time difference between Pittsburgh and Italy, I interviewed and booked their Italian vendor team, including the boat rental and meal, hotel suite, ceremony and portrait locations, and of course, dining reservations!

Fin and Ryan envisioned an intimate, whimsical experience that also fully captured the essence of their playful relationship. Their relationship is as vibrant as Positano, and like a well-balanced dish, they wanted their day to be romantic and intimate, yet playful and carefree, embracing the beauty and colors of the city by the sea. In a nutshell, these two were striving to capture wedded bliss. As their Italian destination wedding photographer, we changed things up with whimsical daytime portraits with some more sultry, sexy vibes in the evening. I may live in Pittsburgh, but a piece of my heart belongs in Italy!

Potential Risks When Hiring a Photographer from the Destination

When you book a destination wedding, more than likely, you’re going for the experience, the unique scenery and ambiance, and maybe the food. 😉 As incredible as that experience will surely be, those memories will fade over time. Your wedding day is something you never want to forget, and it deserves to be documented as vividly and authentically as possible so you can relieve that day and savor those moments for a lifetime.

All that to say, you need a photographer you can trust to make sure your full destination wedding experience is skillfully covered. Truthfully, it can be hard to know what you’re getting when you hire a photographer from your destination. Overseas correspondence can be tricky. Will you mesh well? Do they specialize in your photography style? How is their communication? Can you trust them to deliver? It’s hard to know for sure when you hire someone you’ve never met.

Your destination wedding package may include a wedding photographer, or maybe you’re able to find a great deal on wedding photography, but I encourage couples consider the risks when doing so, including:

  • Limited wedding coverage
  • False advertisements
  • Photographer swaps 
    (the person photographing is not the person you talked to)
  • Limited or inaccurate online portfolios
  • Miscommunication/language barrier
  • No prior-established relationship/lack of rapport 
  • Possibility of undelivered photos

I genuinely care about my couples and want them to have the very best wedding experience possible. When you book a destination wedding, the planner from the destination may not have your best interest at heart. It’s not uncommon for wedding coordinators in other countries to push certain vendors or photographers simply because they’ll receive a higher commission. 

Reasons to Hire a Local (U.S.) Destination Wedding Photographer

As an alternative, I recommend hiring a local photographer near you who is able to travel and experienced with destination weddings (ahem, like yours truly). Here’s why:

Easy Communication

One of the biggest reasons to hire a photographer near you is the ease of communication. There are no time zones or language barriers to consider, and you can easily get on the same page. As with Fin and Ryan, some couples look to their photographer to pave the way for their wedding experience by helping with logistics, details, and timeline. That’s hard to do if you’re collaborating overseas with someone you’ve never met. I want to hear your backstory, your vision, and your preferences. All of these help me capture you in the most authentic way possible. Want to hop on a quick call or meet up for coffee to go over the details? Let’s go!

Seamless Style

On a similar note, I believe that photography has the power to showcase your love story—if done well. Together, we can tell your story from proposal to newlywed sendoff and everything in between. Working with the same photographer throughout the engagement and planning stage allows us to get to know each other better so you feel more comfortable in front of the camera and we can accomplish your photography goals. Plus, all of your photos will be captured in a similar consistent style from beginning to end.

No Regrets

Over the years, I’ve had a few couples who opted for the photography that came with the destination wedding package or an overseas photographer recommended by a planner at that destination. Later, they booked a separate newlywed session with me because their wedding photos didn’t come out as they had hoped. They wished they had hired someone locally—someone they know and trust—to capture one of the most important chapters of their life.

When you book me as your traveling destination wedding photographer, you can bet I’ll be there for it all—the planning, the booking, the exploring, and of course, the most magical first kiss at the wedding destination of your dreams. It truly is an incredible honor to photograph wedding experiences for couples, and I am all in for every part of it.

If you’re thinking of a romantic Italian destination wedding like Fin and Ryan, I’m happy to be your guide, sounding board, and personal paparazzi so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest knowing every moment is documented!

Italian Destination Wedding Vendor Team: 

Wedding Coordinator/Planner | Mariah Treiber Photography
Photography | Mariah Treiber Photography
Videography | Alec James Productions for Mariah Treiber Photography
Florist | Rosalinda Flowers Weddings Lab
Boat | The Elisa, Luxury Boats Positano
Dinner Restaurant | Ristorante Max
Hair & Makeup | The Bride
Hotel/Symbolic Ceremony Location | La Bizantina, Positano
Dress Designer | Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes | Christian Louboutin & Jimmy Choo
Bride’s Accessories/Jewelry | Stephanie Gottlieb
Menswear | Knot Standard
Men’s Shoes | Gucci


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