What to do After You Get Engaged

Mariah Treiber

January 5, 2021

Wondering what to do after you get engaged? Whether you helped pick out the ring or you were completely surprised by your partner’s proposal – CONGRATULATIONS! This is no doubt one of the most exciting moments of your life and a definite vibe you want to walk into 2021 with. So what next? If you are googling “how to elope” or “unique engagement announcement ideas” – I think I just might be your person. Photographing unique, intimate weddings and elopements have always been my favorite. My style is warm, romantic, candid. I would love to capture this part of your love story.

If you just got engaged, you might not be quite ready to hire your wedding photographer yet. When you are, head here to check out my services/photography packages. After that, get your date on my calendar by contacting me here. You can tell, I will make this easy. If you want to get to know me a little more, you can read more about me and my journey as an elopement photographer (adventuring all across the USA) here. Now, let’s get back to YOU! Recently engaged? I hope you are excited!

The First Step After Getting Engaged!

You are likely going to be buzzing with excitement to tell everyone close to you that you have made it official. You might even be tempted to switch your Facebook status to “engaged” right away! Who could blame you? I love how much the couples’ I get to photograph love each other. Here’s my advice. Take some time at least that evening to celebrate with just the two of you, and enjoy the first moments of being a fiance. Then, call your closest friends and family!

By the way, in case you are reading this and the proposal hasn’t happened yet, PLEASE hire a photographer to capture your proposal moment!! You will NEVER regret it. Contact me here to discuss dates (and I’m more than happy to brainstorm dreamy ideas, if you need!).

Beach engagement photos fun poses

Book your Engagement Photos

Some photographers tell you to wait until you are ready to book your wedding photographer to get your engagement photos taken. I know sometimes engagement photos are included in a fancy wedding package, but I disagree. First, you might end up eloping anyway 😉. Why not get engagement photos taken right away so that when you announce your engagement on Instagram, you have a stunning photo to go with your sappy caption? I believe your love is so special that it deserves to be documented more than once. And I’m always down to head outdoors on a hike or some other fun activity and be your third wheel for photos.

Adventure engagement photos on boat in Colorado

Traditional Wedding or Elope?

I like to say I’ve been a big fan of eloping “before it was cool”. Something about you, the one you love, and a stunning background with no traditional wedding “rules” to worry about just has my whole heart. I strive to create and photograph comfortable and genuine experiences. After 2020, I know you are likely wondering if you should have a traditional wedding or elope.

Ultimately, you need to make the right decision for you and your fiance and I’ve created a whole post about the pros and cons for both eloping OR opting for a traditional wedding which you can check out here. I mention it now because from the second you announce your engagement, people will be asking (or subtly trying to find out if they should watch for an invite).

Mountain engagement photos in the US

How to Elope or Plan a Micro Wedding

My favorite part of eloping or planning a micro wedding? You can really take time to reflect on who you two are as a couple, with freedom to explore alternative venue or unique timelines for your wedding day. Ultimately, your wedding really is about celebrating your love and committing to one another. The first step to planning an intimate wedding after you get engaged is deciding on a venue. If you are eloping and don’t need to really secure a space, you can skip this step for now.

The next two vendors are going to be a wedding planner (if desired) and your wedding photographer. A wedding planner is a personal choice with an elopement. However, I do strongly recommend working with an expert for a traditional wedding! There are so many moving pieces to consider. For an elopement, often couples will plan a majority of the details directly with me. I have a pretty open “ask me anything” policy. I’m happy to help you choose a location for the two of you to exchange vows.

If you need more small wedding inspiration, make sure to check out this post too!

Winter engagement photos pose ideas outdoors with ring showing

After You Get Engaged

Although you can jump right into wedding planning, make sure you take some time to enjoy this milestone. Don’t rush to a checklist just yet. Instead, take some time, decide on the vibe you want for your wedding day. Once you do, if you are looking for an elopement photographer, I’m Mariah. You’ve found me! Seriously, there’s a special place in my heart for couples who don’t care if their wedding outfits get a little dirty. Sound good? I would be honored to be a part of your next adventure. First, let’s relish in the moment and make memories. After that, you get high-quality authentic photography. Your love story is an epic journey and deserves the best.

Outdoor engagement photos on the beach

Quick “Things To Do” Checklist After Getting Engaged:

  • Call your closest friends and family
  • Post that ring photo/announcement (Show off that bling!!)
  • Get to the spa for a manicure (your ring/hand is going to be a hot topic for a while!)
  • Get your ring fitting and insurance
  • Then, Think about a wedding date/time of year
  • Plan an engagement party
  • Think about your wedding size/guest list
  • Schedule your engagement photos – Here are some epic places to take them if you are looking for a scenic place!
  • Put together a Pinterest board for inspiration – Here is my Pinterest for engagement session inspiration and MORE.
  • Come up with a budget for each vendor (catering, photography, florist, etc)
  • Create a wedding website for your guests to see announcements
  • Think about if you want a wedding party and WHO you want to be in it
  • Next, Begin reaching out the vendors you love to check availability
  • LASTLY, Take some time to relax, celebrate, and have FUN with planning!


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