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Mariah Treiber

December 21, 2020

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Christopher + Jessica’s Tiny Cabin Getaway

If you weren’t eager for a cozy getaway before, you will be now! Chris and Jess’ getaway engagement session was a perfect blend of sweet and sexy. They booked a cute, tiny getaway cabin in the mountains to celebrate their engagement, and they asked me to take a few engagement photos while we were out there.

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I loved the variety in their session. There are plenty of photos they can use for announcements, save the dates, wall art, or albums, but there are also many more intimate photos that capture their romantic getaway. First, we spent a little time beneath the pines. They danced, laughed, and popped open the bubbles. Then, we headed inside for some cozier shots. I don’t know about you, but I love them all!

Why You Should Book a Getaway Cabin

1. Relish the Moment

Don’t rush past this. Of course, you’re probably eager to get to the wedding, but the engagement phase is such a short, sweet period, too. Before you get caught up in the details or wedding or elopement planning, take time to just be. A getaway cabin lets you escape from the distractions and the noise and focus on what’s most important – your love and commitment to each other. Your engagement is such an exciting time in your journey together. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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2. Recharge & Refresh

Life gets hectic. What better way to recharge than with your best friend? No plans, no schedule. Just the two of you watching the sunrise in a cozy bed with a warm mug of coffee. Nature has a way of calming the mind and healing the soul. Spend time exploring – or just lay in bed. You deserve a restful retreat.

getaway cabin
getaway cabin engagement session
getaway cabin

3. Capture Great Photos

Don’t Chris and Jess look like they’re having a blast? That’s because they were! This was a completely stress-free session. They hiked down the trail a little, kissed under the trees, and even jumped on the bed like kids – because they could! A getaway is a great time for a photoshoot because you aren’t rushing to fit the session into your busy schedule. You’ve got nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Take your time getting ready and simply enjoy the experience. I’ll help find some great spots and guide you through the poses, but overall, this is your unique experience. I’m just here to document it for you.

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Book Your Getaway Session with Mariah

Whether you’re just beginning your grand adventure together like Chris and Jess, or if you’re about to celebrate a milestone anniversary, a getaway cabin is a great way to enjoy some quality, intimate time together. I’d love to help you preserve the memories through professional yet authentic photography.

I’m up for anything – lead the way! Contact me to book your session today.

getaway cabin
getaway cabin
getaway cabin
getaway cabin
getaway cabin
getaway cabin


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