We are an all inclusive, photo and video team based on the East Coast and shooting destination weddings and elopements worldwide.

Working with couples lights our souls on fire. Things are going to be a little different with us as your wedding photo and video team, because we care deeply about capture all of the best moments possible on this one special day of you life.

As an elopement and wedding photo and video team, we can promise you from personal experience, that you will be the HAPPIEST and most in your element when you take time to think about what it is that you really want when you're planning your marriage and beginning your new life together. That's why we are here- not just to document whatever you choose to do, but to help you plan, nail down your vision, and make that vision come to life. 

We are not here just to follow you around with a camera; we are all here to inspire you, to keep you organized, and to make sure that you have a great time along with beautiful photos and videos to look back on forever. 




we are visual






Co-Lead and Senior Associate Photographer 

Owner, Lead Photographer, Marketing and Communications

Our goal is to create genuine feeling, authentic-to-you photos and videos rather than images that look stiff and posed.

We have a passion for elegance, adventure, motion, and creating images that are unique to you. 

"There are few things that inspire and excite us more than documenting love!"

We started taking photos of couples around 11 years ago - the rest is history!

We want to serve our clients the best we possibly can and ensure them that we will go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the lens AND love your photos!

“Every wedding, every shoot, we see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites our passion all over again.”

Storytelling motivates us every day to learn something new, create art, and inspire others.  Every single shoot is a new and unique experience for us while getting to know our couples' own personal stories.

Our overall style and personality is fun, down to earth, and easygoing. We definitely want to keep things real and authentic, because we believe that is what helps you stay comfortable enough to let us capture genuine moments together.

This is what makes us different from all of the other photographers you might have researched! These photos will help you relive these days for years and generations to come. 

Rain, hail or shine, we won’t miss a beat!

Let's uncover a little more about our overall approach to the day and an overview of our process. Having someone who cares about capturing all the important moments is super important, and we will help ensure that the day flows smoothly, because we've had loads of experience at other weddings and know what works and what doesn't!

We will be there for those morning moments of you with your mom when you see yourself in your dress on your wedding day for the first time. We will be there when he has a toast with his guys before the ceremony, so nervous and excited to see you for the first time.

We will be the one keeping the good energy flowing to capture one of the most important, memorable days in your lives, and we won’t miss a moment of it. we will be there in the middle of it all when needed or as a wallflower behind the scenes, photographing moments and details that they might’ve missed on actual wedding day!

Disney Movies still Make us Cry, Okay.

Life outside of wedding photography? Hmm...  Some things outside of the wedding world that we love involve family, traveling the world and just having a good time! 

Some of our favorite hobbies including karaoke, hanging out with family (1 cat, 1 dog, 1 hubby, and our toddler!), eating really good food, making art, and going to concerts or events! To wind down when I'm not shooting, we love to snuggle up on the couch with some snacks, pizza, and a movie!

When we are on the go, we love traveling new places together to scope out locations or just for fun to explore somewhere new and exciting that inspires us!– just a reminder too that we are always open to shooting destination weddings and they actually take up a HUGE % of our schedule (wink wink!).

Welp, that’s a little sneak peek into our life and a few of our most favorite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why we LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)

Capturing Togetherness

   We like to pay attention to the small details that matter throughout your day, which makes us different from everyone else! We aren't here just for a paycheck. We are here for YOU. We will go above and beyond for you and then some.

On your wedding day

     We will arrive bright and early to settle in quickly and say hi to everyone before we start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead.

      I’ll be the chameleon you want me to be – whether you want me to be the ringmaster herding everyone up for a shot, or to sneak around in the background, capturing all the natural, candid moments. No cheesiness or cringy, forced poses here!



     Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the moments that make your heart flutter.



Drunk on love, joy and happy tears








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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

Thank You