Some things that drive me are travel, coffee, visiting different countries, and Jesus. When I am not out there shooting weddings, you can find me exploring and making new friends wherever I go. I'm definitely an extroverted and extra passionate about my work and bringing people out of their shell.

I pride myself in my ability to keep a positive and light hearted attitude with wedding parties and guests while also keeping the day moving along and on track. My goal is to capture you in your true form, and I'm a huge fan of natural, fun, and romantic posing (super similar to Mariah!) I have gained a lot of experience having been a photographer for Mariah for a few years now. 

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Associate FAQ

An associate photographer is someone that shoots under my Mariah Treiber Photography brand. They shoot with an extremely similar posing style to me in order to achieve the same look as I do when I’m taking pictures myself! They treat their clients with the utmost respect, professionalism, and attention to detail.

If you hire one of my associates, they will be the ones to take the photos, but all of the other back end work is done by me and my office team. We take care of the timelines, questionnaires, client communication, culling & editing, albums, invoicing, and everything else that goes into our wedding experience. 

There are a couple of reasons that you should consider hiring an associate photographer. The main one would be availability. I (Mariah), book out very far in advance, and only book a limited amount of weddings per year. If I’m not available, but you still want the MTP experience, an associate photographer would be the perfect opportunity for you!

If you have a tighter budget, an associate might be the perfect option for you. Our associate packages are priced slightly lower than my packages. You still get an associate that is extremely qualified and very experienced. My associates are some of the most talented photographers I have ever met, and I’m so thankful they have chosen to work with MTP. 

All of our associates have several years of experience shooting as a lead shooter. They are very qualified, and if I were getting married, I would trust any of them 100% to photograph my wedding day.

I am VERY picky! I had many options because there is so much talent. I choose the photographer in who I see passion for people, weddings, and documenting memories that matter to our clients. I genuinely care about my couples so I have chosen associates who carry out the values of Mariah Treiber Photography that I know will deliver. 

Booking your engagement session or wedding coverage with one of my associates comes with all the benefits of Mariah Treiber Photography. I help with engagement session locations, wedding timeline suggestions and anything else you may need.

All communication still goes through me and my associates capture your wedding day. I will also edit the photos in my style and deliver your memories so that you receive the full MTP experience! 


Our photos are timeless, bold, and exceeded all my expectations. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her and neither of us enjoy being photographed!

Sam & Elise


Harry & Lauren

Our wedding photos are truly ART. To say that she captured the joy of our day in an artistic, creative, and dramatic way is a major understatement. She is down to earth, hilarious, talented, AND makes you feel like your best friend is photographing you.


Michael & Jessica

You should feel 100% confident in your decision to book Mariah as your photographer because she is going to be prepared, efficient, amiable, and creative for you on your day.


Nick & Veronica

 Not only did the photos turn out GORGEOUS, but Mariah was very organized and made me and everyone in my bridal party feel so comfortable and relaxed.

Sweet Nothings

Capturing Togetherness


No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.